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Ulysses Contact Centre Management

Speed up the resolution process and close queries quickly

CTI Integration
Call management
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Multi Channel

Ulysses Contact Centre manages all types operations including helpdesk, facilities management and both internal and external call centres. Call scripts can be customised and tailored so that operators are guided optimally through the call flow. This includes the capturing of customer information in the form of surveys.

Ulysses Contact Centre integrates processes, people, places and technology to provide an overview of all your facility related information on a single screen. Ulysses monitors SLAs and third party suppliers of services and contracts. Ulysses Contact Centre also helps your staff evaluate the most suitable supplier based on region, contract, performance to date and cost.

Staff can remotely access and update information securely from any location or device:







QMS Software’s Ulysses Contact Centre assists organisations manage the customer helpdesk process. Your call centre staff and management have a concise view of the status of all items on a single screen. This helps speed up the resolution process leading to the quick closure of queries“ often on the first call.




Improved customer retention

Increased efficiency

Reduced paperwork

Improved service quality

Reduced costs

Efficient employee management


Product Features

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Ulysses Contact Centre Knowledge Base increases the number of items resolved immediately. It also reduces unnecessary repeat calls with the aid of a comprehensive view of the customer, equipment and documentation history.

Integration with Telephony Systems

Integration with Telephony Systems

Ulysses Contact Centre can be integrated easily with standard telephony systems. Your staff can handle their business communications and manage all call connection information within Ulysses.



Dashboards are effective business intelligence tools displaying critical information in one place and providing a consolidated view of your organisation’s KPI’s. A configurable dashboard enables management to see the deployment of support personnel in real time. Ulysses makes it easy for your contact centre professionals to schedule tasks while ensuring cost-effective use of resources. Dashboards can be displayed on large plasma screens, giving up-to-the-minute information on performance.

Universal Search

Universal Search

The Google style universal search facility makes it easy for your employees to search for terms, tasks or products. This helps find solutions quickly enabling customer queries to be answered immediately.



Alerts can be created within Ulysses. This helps to improve efficiency and communicate more effectively with customers, suppliers and employees.