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Ulysses Service Management

Maximise contract profitability and increase first time resolution

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Ulysses Service Management enables businesses track, manage and resolve issues quickly and within service level agreements (SLA) to strengthen relationships with customers. It is an affordable, customisable and scalable solution.


As a web-based solution, Ulysses Service Management can be accessed by:





Ulysses Service Management enables your company to boost your first time fix rate and use mobile staff more efficiently. Through Ulysses, your staff can validate the SLA entitlement at time of request.

Knowledge of van stock levels, efficient route planning, GPS tracking and staff skill sets helps service coordinators assign tasks to the most appropriate person. Parts, labour costs and travel expenses are tracked against calls.

The customer portal enables your customers log service calls online directly, as well as follow up and view reports. Service calls can be logged by:





Ulysses Service Management converts emails directly into service requests.



Improved cash flow

Increased service quality

Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Increased first time fix rate

Reduced costs

Improved service delivery

Contained service agreement costs


Product Features

Remote Access

Remote Access

Ulysses Service Management provides instant access to service records, warranties and available resources, no matter where your technicians are located, via smartphones or tablets. They can view service issues, manage van stock, set stock alerts, record time on site and costs. Engineers can also capture customer sign off on completed jobs which are then automatically sent for invoicing.

Integration with Telephony Systems

Service Notification

Ulysses Service Management can be set up to receive messages from broadcast enabled equipment. For example Ulysses can flag upcoming service notifications from coffee machines and photocopiers when the preset number of cycles approaches.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

QMS Software’s Ulysses knowledge base increases the number of first time fixes. It also reduces unnecessary repeat calls with the aid of a comprehensive view of the customer and service history.

Universal Search

Universal Search

The internal universal search facility helps your staff to find previous issues, task or information quickly, in order to assist with the current query.

Customisable Dashboard

Customisable Dashboard

A graphical dashboard enables management to see the deployment of support personnel in real time. You can schedule installations, preventive and urgent services easily while ensuring cost-effective use of resources. These dashboards can be displayed on large screens for use in call centres.