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Ulysses Customer Care

Reduce recurring complaints and improve customer service


Credit Control

A good complaints and feedback system is an effective and free customer survey that can help indicate where improvements should be made.

Ulysses Customer Feedback helps organisations care for customers by streamlining the customer feedback and complaints process. This ensures that your customer feedback is managed professionally reducing the handling cost and increasing your profitability and customer satisfaction.


Ulysses Customer Feedback helps identify persistent complainants and highlights any serious issues within your organisation. It can be integrated with Ulysses Sales & Marketing to provide a 360 degree view of customer data.



Reduced operational costs

Reduced risk of costly litigation

Improved customer loyalty

Reduced recurring complaints

Increased profitability

Drives regulatory compliance


Ulysses Customer Feedback also

    • Handles complex complaints needing to be broken down and assigned to different staff members
    • Manages complaints that have multiple aspects to them
    • Links complaints and issues that have a parent child relationship

Product Features

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

The Ulysses Platform can be integrated with social media including Twitter and Facebook. Staff can search for your company’s name and related keywords, via Ulysses, on Twitter and respond using the same medium. Responding quickly to social media creates a positive impact on a company’s brand.


Complaint Analysis

Complaint Analysis

Online graphical analysis enables management to view both open and closed complaints by category, status, department and assignee. Ulysses Customer Feedback also offers a management overview of all queries handled by your organisation.

Document Management

Document Management

Letters and general correspondence can be template driven ensuring consistency by all employees. Document management, including scanning and drag and drop functionality, allows for a single repository in relation to specific complaints.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

The Ulysses Platform provides over 150 predefined reports presenting excellent management information, business intelligence and decision making support.