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Ulysses Sales & Marketing Management

Streamline processes and improve forecasts

Lead tracking

Team selling

Ulysses Sales & Marketing is a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool which streamlines business processes. Ulysses Sales & Marketing contains all the information needed to efficiently manage, forecast and report sales through all stages of the life cycle.


Your teams have all the facts they need to sell effectively in one place, including pipeline snapshot, conversion rates, target performance and sales-to-date. The web-based solution means that your staff can access content via:






Sales Planning and Forecasting

New leads are weighted according to your organisation’s set priorities and hottest prospects are allocated to the appropriate sales person. Ulysses Sales & Marketing provides an overview of each sales professional’s projected revenue which increases the accuracy of sales forecasts.

Marketing Campaign Management

Ulysses Sales & Marketing creates sales activities, manages follows-ups and tracks all costs by campaign. It also enables:

  • Market segmentation
  • Email shot automation
  • Mail shot automation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Staff performance monitoring
  • Loyalty scheme management

Loyalty Schemes

Ulysses can be used as a loyalty scheme to maintain the customer relationship and increase retention. Loyal customers buy more and are often willing to pay more, which boosts cash flow.



Increased efficiency

Increased profitability

Reduced workloads

Better cost control

Reduced operational costs

Improved customer loyalty

Increased customer growth


Product Features



Ulysses Sales & Marketing enables automation of business processes and creates real-time business alerts. This helps to reduce costs, improve efficiency and helps your sales and marketing teams communicate more effectively with customers, suppliers and employees.

Universal Search

Universal Search

The Google style universal search facility makes it easy for your sales and marketing professionals to search for forecasts, accounts, campaigns or products.

Data Import and Export

Data Import and Export

Data can be imported and exported from and to multiple sources. This facilitates the integration of customers, contacts or mailing lists from external sources including ERP, accounting packages, business directories and data files to be managed within Ulysses.

Permission Based Email

Permission Based Email

Ulysses Sales & Marketing fully supports all legal mailing requirements throughout the world including CAN-SPAM and EU Data Protection Regulation.